It’s a simple idea, really -- assemble a team of seriously experienced revenue-generation strategists and tacticians who collaborate with senior leadership to identify and exploit untapped value in your business and in your brand.
Deploy them, on-demand, to mine opportunity at any point across the enterprise that will grow revenue and increase competitive advantage.

It’s an idea motivated by the unprecedented rate of technological, social, and cultural change challenging business on a global scale, change that has motivated business leaders to tap into an impartial, strategic brain trust that can— and this is important — objectively identify opportunities from the outside looking in, unencumbered by internal structure, politics or bias. It’s an agile, aggressive, tactical approach to solving problems, seizing opportunities, and generating new revenue and to doing so quickly. And since we only stay around as long as we’re needed, it’s efficient and cost effective.

elevenbillion works only with clients seeking significant, sustainable top line growth.

We deliver revenue, not rhetoric, dollars, not documents, and we have been successful for scores of the world’s most prominent corporations. We have limited overhead and unlimited access to intellectual and executional resources.

Our tools are intelligence, imagination, and speed.

Our approach works because we partner directly with C-Suite leadership to define needs, identify opportunity, and unlock value. It’s a collaborative approach that eliminates the challenges of layered management and the distractions and inertia that come from an enterprise’s relentless preoccupation with simply keeping up.

The length of our engagements vary. From a swat team surgical approach to ongoing advisory and execution management. We’re lean and agile and we take on only a few, highly select engagements at any one time.